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What To Expect


Vocal Technique

Vocal Technique can make or break a singer. It's not just about singing scales. Technique can help you sing those songs you want to sing without harming yourself. My goal as a teacher is to help singers create a long-lasting career so they can express themselves through song, without worrying about vocal fatigue.



Musicianship is the knowledge and skill that a singer has to apply to their craft. Sensitivity, power, musical intellect. Those are all important when learning how to become a great musician.


Music Theory/Ear Training

Music Theory helps us understand the structure and meaning behind a piece of music. As a singer, it is important to learn the basic elements of music theory to aid in becoming a well-rounded musician.


  • 1 hr

    Contact for info.

  • 1 hr

    Contact for info.

  • 30 min

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